The largest multimodal terminal in the Central Asia. Almaty International Airport



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The largest multimodal terminal in the Central Asia

Almaty International Airport has international - distribution transport hub status, focused on attracting major freight flows in the Asia - Europe - Asia. In the short term, Almaty International Airport is able to develop all the advantages of cargo hub for the whole Central Asian region with a population of over 60 million people. In 2007, Freight Service as part of Almaty International Airport, received the international quality certificate ISO 9001-2000, which corresponds to the requirements of the quality management system. Freight Service has qualified personnel who have received international training and having certificates for registration of dangerous cargo and palletizing.

The total area of the existing cargo terminal at Almaty International Airport is 28 000 square meters, including temporary storage, and the territory of transit-transfer zone. In the terminal there are specially marked places for storage of dangerous cargo covered areas for bulky cargo, safe storage of goods, cold stores with total volume of 240 cubic meters and temperature from +10°C to -18°C. Warehouses equipped with all kinds of equipment for loading and unloading operations, technical and production parameters in line with international requirements.

• The total area of the existing cargo terminal at Almaty International Airport is 5.5 hectares.
• Heated indoor warehouse class "A" area of 20,000 m2

• Separate warehouse with railroad 2700 m2
• Lockers for storage of valuable cargo, refrigerated cells totaling 240m3
• The modern CCTV system
• Multifunctional cargo management software
• E-freight standard electronic messaging
• TREPEL pallet/container cranes.

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