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Search and Rescue Service

The main task of the Search and Rescue Service of Almaty International Airport is timely rendering of assistance to aircraft in emergencies. There are the most advanced rescue and fire-fighting equipments in the Service which have high dynamic characteristics and able to ensure a maximum level of fire protection on the airfield according to ICAO requirements:

•       Rescue and fire station for 1 vehicle

•       Rescue and fire station at runway-2

•       Recovery lifting bags

•       Recovery dolly 90-2200

•       Tow bar 87164000

•       Recovery dolly 7-1000

•       Ground reinforcement mats

•       Fire tender Cobra

•       Aerodrome fire tender АА-8.0/55

•       KAMAZ 43118

•       Fire vehicle АСО-20 on chassis of KAMAZ 43114

•       Aerodrome fire vehicle АА-12/60 INVECO

•       Microbus GAZ 322131-95

•       Fire tender АА-60(7310)

•       Tractor АТС-59


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