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The Aviation Training Centre has two lecture halls for theoretical lessons with trainees, which have required furniture, office equipment, projection apparatus, wall board, and displays.   

Practical trainings are conducted with the use of training equipment (stationary and hand-held metal detectors, Rapiscan RX-equipment) located in a classroom.  

There is special software in a computer classroom which enables to conduct trainings and test agents of Security Check Service as per automated training course RAPISCAN TRAINING MODULE.

The training laboratory of the Centre is equipped with simulators of weapons, ammunitions, and explosives.  Samples of items and substances prohibited for carriage, taken from the training laboratory, are put in a training baggage during the practical exercises with the use of Rapiscan RX-equipment, and it allows the trainees to watch and remember a real image of these items and substances.  

Education materialsconcerning the aviation security, in particular ASTP Basic, Dangerous Goods, Airline Security,and Management have been bought.  

The Centre’s library has necessary education and technical literature. 

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