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17 Apr 2019

The Forum on the development of air routes «Routes Europe-2019» was held from 8 April to 10 April in Hanover (Germany). This most important event in the aviation sector is organized


04 Apr 2019

On April 3, the management of Almaty International Airport, representatives of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Kazakhstan and employees of the representative office of Azerbaijan Airlines* in Kazakhstan


01 Feb 2019

Airports Council International (ACI) is the only global trade representation of airports in the world. Participation in the ACI will allow Almaty airport to adopt the best international experience


01 Feb 2019

During the survey at Almaty International Airport the passengers, first of all, foreign passengers, complained about the free Internet in the terminal very often - it was impossible to connect to


17 Jan 2019

17.01.19 Almaty International Airport met the first cargo flight operated by Boeing 777-200 of the airline Qatar Airways, one of the three largest airlines in the World. Pharmaceuticals, spare parts,


11 Dec 2018

Please be informed that due to technical works on the territory of Almaty International Airport the telephone number of the Help Service will be unavailable from 5:00 pm till 6:30 pm. In this period


16 Nov 2018

On November, 12, there was held a working meeting of the management of Almaty International Airport, representatives of Almaty DES (Department of emergency situation), the Istanbul office of UNDP


15 Nov 2018

Starting from September 21, 2018, the Price List for the services provided by the temporary storage warehouse of JSC Almaty International Airport becomes


15 Nov 2018

Technical modernization of the runway, which was recently completed at Almaty International Airport, will also allow: - reduce financial losses (of airlines, airport) due to forced landings of


13 Nov 2018

The air harbor of the southern capital can receive and send aircraft even in a very bad weather, when visibility in thick fog is reduced up to 75


13 Nov 2018

Today the main State Inspector of Civil Aviation Committee of Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Amantai Kokatayev has given the President of JSC Almaty


07 Nov 2018

Parking places for PERSONS with disabilities have been added at Almaty International Airport. They are located at the entrance to the passenger terminal. In addition, for the convenience of the


14 Oct 2018

In September of this year Cargo Transportation Service of JSC "Almaty International Airport" received and processed a record volume of cargo - more than five thousand


12 Oct 2018

Bolat YERZHANOV,  President of Almaty International Airport The annual Address of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan has become a traditional event in the life of our


11 Oct 2018

On December 24, Almaty International Airport will take the first flight of Ural Airlines from Zhukovsky near Moscow. Immediately answer your question - from here to Moscow a little less


09 Oct 2018

By the decision of the administration of JSC “Almaty International Airport” from October 10, 2018, the right of free 15-minute stay at the airport can be used no more than three times a


29 Aug 2018

Today, August 29 at 09:30 by the time of Almaty will be replaced the reference service phone number for mobile devices of Almaty International Airport from 1550 to


02 Aug 2018

The List of services of the International Business Lounge: - Private Lounge with comfortable furniture - Giving a full information about flights - Bar service (tea, coffee, cold drinks,


14 Jun 2018

Flights are carried out on a comfortable aircraft An-148-100E, accommodating 75


04 Jun 2018

In the Airport of Almaty the board of the Angara Airlines was greeted hospitably by the traditional ceremony of passing the plane through a water arch created by two fire barrels. Flights will be


01 Jun 2018

We congratulate our young passengers on the International Children's Day and wish that each child could grow up healthyand surrounded by the care of parents. A child's smile and happy


01 Jun 2018

The team of JSC "Almaty International Airport" congratulates Sagdat Yerikbekovich on the anniversary! We know and appreciate you as a professional and extremely competent person who has


30 May 2018

Turkish Airlines uses capacious and reactive A-330 designed for comfortable international flights for medium and long distances.  Comfortable flights on A-330 aircraft will be performed daily


29 May 2018


25 May 2018

Medical aid station at Almaty International


15 May 2018

From June 3 the airline "Angara" will operate flights to Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk from Almaty. Flights Almaty-Krasnoyarsk-Irkutsk will be carried out on a comfortable aircraft


04 May 2018

JSC "Almaty International Airport" without


03 May 2018

JSC "Almaty International Airport" together with the workshop of on-Board catering LLP "Almaty Catering Services" congratulate all Kazakhstan Citizens on the may


28 Apr 2018

Also, it is specified about positive experience of collaboration of transport police and the interested services of JSC Almaty International Airport under the coordination of prosecutors. In this


26 Apr 2018

Almaty airport congratulates the team with the honourable prize-winning places and wishes further


25 Apr 2018

Thus, in 2018, during the coordinated joint actions of the ASS inspectors and employees of Line Internal Affairs Department at the airport in Almaty, both citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and


10 Apr 2018

 The event was attended by President of JSC “Almaty International Airport” Bekmukhambetov Aibol Anuarovich and representative of “Air Astana”. LLP "Ordabasy


06 Apr 2018

Flights will be operated on the comfortable Airbus A320 aircraft on wednesdays and Sundays at a frequency of 1 in 10/11 daays. The departure time 04:05. The arrival time of 07:20. Ellinair is the


06 Apr 2018

During the visit, the Deputy got acquainted with the work of the airport and on the same day a meeting with the labor collective was held, at which the key provisions of the President's


02 Apr 2018

Today on April 02 the ceremonial opening of “Alaport Restaurant” in the transit hall of the terminal of Almaty international Airport took place during which the President of JSC


26 Mar 2018

From June 3 the airline "Angara" will operate flights to Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk from Almaty. Flights Almaty-Krasnoyarsk-Irkutsk will be carried out on a comfortable aircraft An-148-100E,


26 Mar 2018

Result of competitions: Football 1st place Cargo Transportation Service 2nd place JSC Almaty International Airport Administration 3rd place Special Transport Service Pulling the


19 Mar 2018

The audit was conducted by the accreditation service of the United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland (United Kingdom Accreditation Service —


08 Mar 2018

We congratulate you on the International Women's Day! We wish that your life was filled with bright colors and events. Let the relatives please you with  their success, attention and care,


23 Feb 2018

In celebration of the 100th  anniversary of the Soviet army and Navy, on behalf of the Union of Veterans of GSOVG, GSVG and ZGV in Almaty and Almaty region, the Vice-president for safety of JSC


19 Feb 2018

Last weekend (17.02) was held the debut championship in table tennis among the employees of JSC Almaty International Airport. In the tournament held in one day participated 16 people from different


16 Feb 2018

We are pleased to announce about updating of our Alaport mobile application on the Android platform. The Alaport application is a universal and indispensable tool for the air travel. Detailed


16 Feb 2018



07 Nov 2017

The place is located on the ground floor in the transit


07 Nov 2017

The main task of JSC Almaty International Airport is aviation safety and creation of comfortable conditions for passengers, so the comment of the grateful passenger indicates that the time and


06 Nov 2017

The aim of these activities was the financial literacy of the population, its involvement in the pension system, the increasing in volume and regularity of receipt of obligatory pension


04 Nov 2017

The management and the staff of the airport actively


03 Nov 2017

 Today on the sports ground of the airport has been held football matches between airport departments. Healthy body, healthy


02 Nov 2017

The process of updating the alphabet of the state language — is a historical necessity. In world history there are many examples of alphabet modernization. In Kazakhstan it is planned to use


28 Oct 2017

In the international departures hall the replacement of old chairs with a new one is completed. New chairs of European production is characterized by quality and convenience. They were designed and


27 Oct 2017

 For this purpose in the airport has been opened a Centre for legal advice. The opening ceremony was attended by the Deputy Chief transport Prosecutor, senior counselor of justice Zhanyssova


25 Oct 2017

During the visit, the delegation visited the cargo terminal, got acquainted with the work of the customs service. Positive feedback on the organization of operation of the cargo terminal were


23 Oct 2017

Almaty airport is pleased to announce about the launch of a new inform service called - Chat Bot! By means of this mobile helper, you can easily find out information about the flight you are


10 Oct 2017

Airport of Almaty congratulated the participant of the Great Patriotic War Sergey Mamayev with the 103 - year anniversary and presented


04 Oct 2017

 The commission was composed of experts of Civil Aviation Committee and representatives of sanitary aviation. The Commission is headed by Vice-Minister for Investment and Development R.


29 Sep 2017

 They are students of 1st and 2nd semesters of Almaty College of Passenger Transport and Technology. Students shared their dreams, desire to work at the airport, received a great impression from


27 Sep 2017

In connection with the international Day of tourism for the significant contribution to development of tourism the staff of the Airport of Almaty is


18 Sep 2017

As one of the largest logistics hubs in Central Asia and having a certified category III runway capable of taking aircraft of any type in the conditions of poor visibility, Almaty international


18 Sep 2017

As a result the medical office turned into the modern and convenient


15 Sep 2017

During the press-tour the journalists watched the process of upgrading the second runway(runway), where the first Vice-President of JSC "Almaty International Airport" Tumyshev K. M. in


13 Sep 2017

The key production figures of “Almaty International Airport” JSC in August


13 Sep 2017

Almaty International Airport JSC takes part in the global symposium on aviation safety ICAO Global Aviation Security Symposium 2017 (#AVSEC2017), which takes place in Montreal at the headquarters of


08 Sep 2017

In accordance with the requirements of sub-clause 4., 5. “The list of hazardous substances and items, as well as all types of drugs, forbidden for carriage by the passengers on civil


08 Sep 2017

Dear residents and guests of Almaty. In accordance with paragraph 5 of article 159 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on people's health and healthcare system smoking in the territory of


06 Sep 2017

On August 6,2017 the Chairman of Civil aviation Committee, Mr. T. T. Lastayev has inspected works on the reconstruction of the Paved Runway-1 the General contractor of which is Kazakhstan company


06 Sep 2017

In Kazakhstan traditionally on the first Sunday of August it is celebrated the Day of workers of transport. So last Saturday on the 5th of August in the Park named after S. Seyfullin there was held


06 Sep 2017

On the 3rd of August at the initiative of JSC "Almaty International Airport" in cooperation with the members of the ALA - АОС - Airlines operating Committee have made an on-site visit


05 Sep 2017

The visit of ICAO’s Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu and Regional Director of ICAO (European and North Atlantic Office) Mr. Luis Fonseca de Almeida to “Almaty International Airport”


02 Aug 2017

The aircraft A-321 (A/C number P4-NAS) carried out a take-off from Almaty International Airport on on July 30, 2017 at 22 hours and 25 minutes with 128 passengers onboard. At 23 hours 02 minutes


02 Aug 2017

Having passed a hard way at a group stage having lost to the “Orion” team (Kyzylorda) and also having won against teams: “SCAT” airline (Shymkent) and “Kaysar”


01 Aug 2017

Airlines prefer to carry out departures and arrivals at a convenient time, usually it is morning and evening hours, so the terminals are filled to capacity unevenly. At peak hours the airport under


21 Jul 2017

Now the young passengers will be able to cheerfully to spend time before


18 Jul 2017

The system step by step controls the loading and unloading of Baggage on Board of the aircraft. The system allows to exclude loss of your baggage and guarantees quick and effective work of the staff


21 Jun 2017

We congratulate Air Astana on a victory in the nomination "Best airline of Central Asia and India" and in the nomination "The best onboard service in Central Asia and India"


21 Jun 2017

Today workers have started laying the top layer of asphalt concrete on a polymeric basis. Per shift workers are going to be laid up to 400 meters of asphalt mix. More than 80 experts and 33 pieces


14 Jun 2017

The shooting of the film "Five reasons not to fall in love with a Kazakh" in Almaty International


08 Jun 2017

The arrival of the Denmark national football team to the match with Kazakhstan of the qualifying cycle of World Cup


05 Jun 2017

On June 5, 2017 in the passenger terminal from 12:00 PM to 14:30 PM for two and a half hours it was holding the concert in for the guests and passengers of the International airport of Almaty. The


04 Jun 2017

​ At Almaty International Airport there was held a flash mob with the participation of students of Universities, Secondary Specialized College and "Zhas Otan" devoted to


01 Jun 2017

Please plan in advance your arrival at the airport. We thank for


26 May 2017

Ellinair is a Greek airline, airline was founded on 19 February 2013. The company is based at the international airport "Macedonia" (Thessaloniki). The Ellinair fleet currently consists of


25 May 2017

The meeting was attended by the representatives of JSC Almaty international Airport, trade union leaders as well as representatives of various airlines, also attended by representatives of the


23 May 2017

The shooting of the film "The most beautiful" in Almaty International


18 May 2017

“Almaty International Airport” JSC welcomes all those who wish to play sports to the new sports ground, which is available to


15 May 2017

The Press-conference devoted to the current issues facing the airport - issues of security, quality of services and to plans for the near future with participation of the management of JSC


09 May 2017

“Almaty International Airport” JSC warmly congratulates veterans on the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and thanks for the valor, courage


01 May 2017

With independence, this holiday is filled with new profound meaning and has become a symbol of strong friendship, unity of our people irrespective of a nationality and religion. Today we live in


25 Apr 2017

Aerodrome Service of Almaty International


24 Apr 2017

April 23, 2017 in Almaty, the sixth traditional race of "Almaty marathon". The marathon was attended by more than 20,000 people, including 15 representatives of the Almaty international


18 Apr 2017

Discussion of program article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan A. Nazarbayev The Course towards Future: Spiritual


13 Apr 2017

Almaty international airport handles all types of aircraft 24


05 Apr 2017

The TOP 10 Air passengers markets in 2016 (according to


03 Apr 2017

Aviation training center 10


31 Mar 2017

Administration AIA vs. AIA


27 Mar 2017

​ Meet team Special Olympics International


24 Mar 2017

​ The sports futsal team of JSC ALA has become the winner of the tournament among aviators devoted to the Nauryz held in


18 Mar 2017

“Almaty International Airport” JSC congratulates its passengers on the coming holiday Nauryz! We wish you prosperity, happiness and


09 Mar 2017

Mobile boarding


07 Mar 2017

Dear women! “Almaty International Airport” JSC heartily congratulates you with a beautiful and bright spring holiday the 8th of March! We wish you smiles, a wonderful festive mood,


07 Mar 2017

  Dear women, Almaty international airport congratulates you on the coming International Women's Day! We wish you warmth and love, good mood and good health. Be beautiful, happy, give


01 Mar 2017

Today in the passenger terminal of Almaty International Airport there has taken place the concert of school students of the State Municipal Management Organization No. 6 dedicated to the Day of


23 Feb 2017

Tactile and sound mnemonic is an innovative device for the visually impaired persons, which combines two types of data submission - sensory and acoustic. Tactile and sound mnemonic represents the


23 Feb 2017

Medical Committee of the International University Sports Federation and Medical care and doping control department of the 28th Winter Universiade of 2017 expresses gratitude to the Head of medical


20 Feb 2017

The sports futsal team of JSC ALA has become the winner of Aviation Cup in the tournament devoted to the Day of Civil Aviation held in


15 Feb 2017

Preparation for this significant event began long before that. Given Universiade’s great importance for the image of the country, special attention was paid to the procedures of meeting and


15 Feb 2017

“Almaty International Airport” wishes success to the Executive directorate and to athletes in holding the next XXIX World winter Universiade-2019 in


08 Feb 2017

The participants expressed their personal opinion, made suggestions for implementation of the goals set by President of the country and received answers to all


06 Feb 2017

​ Visit of delegation of the government of Krasnoyarsk Krai and Directorate of the Winter Universiade of 2019, as well as representatives of Krasnoyarsk


30 Jan 2017

The participants have heard a detailed report on the upcoming changes to the basic law and have received full and complete reply to their


29 Jan 2017

USA team diary in Almaty during Universiade


19 Jan 2017

Special conditions of the offer:  1. Purchase the air ticket in booking offices of the Agency of JSC "Almaty International Airport" in the period from December 01, 2016 to February


18 Jan 2017

The weather conditions at Almaty International


10 Jan 2017

A mobile hospital. Doctrine. Preliminary


06 Jan 2017

On the territory of the passenger terminal installed 11 boxes of appeals. They are: 1. in waiting rooms (1st and 2nd floors), 2. the reception area of the international departures 3. the reception


05 Jan 2017

Update markup on the forecourt JSC "Almaty International


27 Dec 2016

JSC "Almaty international airport" congratulates its passengers and guests of the southern capital with the coming New Year


21 Dec 2016

Special conditions of the offer:  1. Purchase the air ticket in booking offices of the Agency of JSC "Almaty International Airport" in the period from December 01, 2016 to February


17 Dec 2016

​ New Year decoration in JSC "Almaty international


14 Dec 2016

Defeating all its opponents:  - the national team of Kyrgyzstan with the score 4: 2;  - futsal team “Tulpar Karaganda” (Kazakhstan) with the score 6: 5 and futsal team


09 Dec 2016

​ Construction of the football field comes to the end. We invite everyone to the opening on December 16 at


14 Nov 2016

The Chairman of Almaty city branch of the party "NurOtan" B.Baibek solemnly handed a diploma and certificate to representatives of JSC "ALA" for international travel for the


11 Nov 2016

At the moment it is carrying out a full reconstruction of the parking for cars which is located on North side of the passenger terminal. By the reconstruction, which is planned to be finished next


10 Nov 2016

For Internet access there was introduced a system of mandatory identification of users, which can be passed by confirmation of the mobile phone number . You should enter your mobile phone number then


07 Nov 2016

According to the schedule the flight had to get away after an arrival of the other flight, which arrived with delay for 38 minutes. After landing, due to the fact that the aircraft was operated with


04 Nov 2016

This information was brought to the airport management and services, responsible for safety, as well as Almaty Emergency Situations Department, the police and the competent authorities. An emergency


01 Nov 2016

Hereby we inform you on the prohibition of carriage of any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on all aircrafts, all flights and in all destinations of “Air Astana” JSC route network. These


31 Oct 2016

Almaty International Airport” JSC together with Republican coordination center for problems of a stroke have conducted a social survey among the passengers, with a view to rising public


28 Oct 2016

The reason of emergency landing is a sick passenger on board. After landing, first medical aid have been provided by the medical service of “Almaty International Airport” JSC. The


24 Oct 2016

 We inform you that at present KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has imposed a ban on carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones as both in the baggage of passengers and hand luggage due to the risk of


21 Oct 2016

Among the invited guests were participants of these December events in Alma-Ata, which are also known as the Jeltoqsan (Riots). As guests at this concert were Zhunis Gulbakhram Yesmuratkyzy,


20 Oct 2016

There is all necessary infrastructure: all access roads and the buses are equipped with ramps. The medical service is provided by the qualified staff, that are always ready to help to


05 Oct 2016

“Almaty International Airport” JSC is committed to ensuring that all passengers regardless of their physical capabilities, while at the airport, feel comfortable. In the passenger


03 Oct 2016

“Almaty International Airport” JSC On October 3, 2016 at the registration of the flight No141of Air Astana airline on the route Almaty-Tbilisi, a container with suspicion of


01 Oct 2016

In connection with the official comments of the Department of State Revenue of Almaty about the situation with import of 12 birds, which took place on the 25th of September, 2016, published on the


28 Sep 2016

Due to the current "yellow" terrorist threat level in Almaty, the wireless Wi-Fi network in the passenger terminal of JSC “Almaty International Airport” is temporarily


23 Sep 2016

Consulting company Skytrax was founded in 1989, they are specialist Research Advisors to the air transport industry. Skytrax activity is dedicated to improving the Customer Experience for


22 Sep 2016

Protection of labor rights of citizens is one of the priorities of the public prosecutor's supervision. In this connection, round table was held by the Aviation Transport Prosecutor's


21 Sep 2016

During the meeting were discussed a set of questions, such as enforcement and protection of labor rights and freedoms of citizens, including the right to safe working conditions, compliance by the


16 Sep 2016

Based on the official statement of SAMSUNG in relation to SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 and in accordance with the instruction of the Civil Aviation Committee of the Ministry of investments and


09 Sep 2016

About the first international flight of the plane of a dream "Boeing - 787" (Dreamliner) to the "Almaty  International Airport


09 Sep 2016

Today, on August 9th of the current year there has been performed the first international flight of Uzbekistan Airways air company’s the new jet airliner to the airport of Almaty. At the end


02 Sep 2016

In July of this year "Almaty International Airport" JSC has purchased and installed in the Aviation training center of "Almaty International Airport" JSC the latest equipment for


29 Aug 2016


29 Aug 2016


29 Aug 2016

Today, the family and friends of Olga Rypakova, as well as Vyacheslav Sokirko, the national team's head coach have been waiting for her at the International airport of Almaty. Also there were


29 Aug 2016

August 29, 2016 - Olga Rypakova is a Kazakh track and field athlete, bronze medalist of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro was met at the International airport of Almaty. Olga Sergeyevna


26 Aug 2016

On August 26, 2016 in the Concert hall of Alatau, was held a "Forum of primary party organizations of Almaty city". Following the results of competition "The best primary party


23 Aug 2016

On the 23rd of August in the framework of the conference there was a presentation: “Logo of the city of Almaty" in the hotel Ramada Almaty . The Town Planning Board approved the new logo


23 Aug 2016

August 23, 2016 - Dinara Saduakassova is a Kazakh chess player, the winner of the World Junior Chess Championship. She was met at the International airport of Almaty.  Saduakassova Dinara


20 Aug 2016

The bronze prize-winners of the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro on weightlifting were met at the International airport of Almaty. Goricheva Karina is a Kazakh weightlifter, bronze medalist of


20 Aug 2016

Zhazira Zhapparkul is a Kazakh weightlifter, the winner of the 2nd place of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in the 69 kg. weight class and two-time silver medalist of the World


18 Aug 2016

Zaichikov Aleksandr is a Kazakh weightlifter. He won bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in the -105 kg. weight class, he is also the 2015 World Champion , silver prize-winner of


15 Aug 2016

August 15, 2016 – Dmitry Balandin is the champion of the XXXI Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. He was met at Almaty International airport.  Dmitriy Igorevich Balandin is a Kazakh


15 Aug 2016

On August 15, 2016, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov familiarized with the safety system of Almaty international airport during his working period. The President of “Almaty


11 Aug 2016

“Almaty International Airport” JSC congratulates our athletes on the deserved victory and great results at the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro! We wish them not to stop at reached


11 Aug 2016



05 Aug 2016

Our congratulations to Kirilov V. I. and Bikmeyev G. R. with the medal «Еңбек ардагері» as well as Boldyreva I. M., Rassokhin A. L., Uskenbayev Y. Zh., Ruziyev R. I.,


25 Jul 2016

Sabirov Shmidt Omarovich – is a military pilot. Chief of flight and navigation department in Kazakh Civil Aviation Authority. The commander of Semipalatinsk united air group. Deputy Head of


22 Jul 2016

Twin Otter is operated in 57 countries, such as Canada, the USA, China, Switzerland and on all continents by 128 air


18 Jul 2016

Flights in all directions, are performed according to the


15 Jul 2016

The second day of stationing of the participants of the rally “Silk way-2016” in «Almaty International Airport»


14 Jul 2016

At the airport of Almaty there is organized a base for the conduct of the following stage of the rally before a further departure of participants to China.  As we know, the sixth of the rally


14 Jul 2016

Arrival of the participants of the rally “Silk way-2016” in


13 Jul 2016


11 Jul 2016

Almaty Airport . In the past and


08 Jul 2016

Kuzbakov Tursynbek Nurkhanovich – engineer-navigator. Senior navigator of Almaty united air group, main air navigator of Kazakh Civil Aviation


04 Jul 2016

 Let us wish to each of you and your relatives prosperity, good health and


01 Jul 2016

"Almaty International Airport" JSC congratulates its strategic partner "Air Astana" JSC with the first flight performed in the direction of Almaty-Tehran. Photo by: Yelena


30 Jun 2016

Baggage Handling process in Almaty International


29 Jun 2016

JSC “Almaty International Airport” expresses its deep condolences to the Turkish people, to its colleagues from Ataturk International Airport, to the relatives and friends of those


24 Jun 2016

Amanov Nassip Amanovich – is engineer navigator. Senior navigator of Almaty united air group, Chief navigator of Civil Aviation Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Head of air navigation


21 Jun 2016

Naryshev Bakatay Zhidekhanovich – is aeronautical engineer. Deputy head of Aktobe Higher Flight School of Civil Aviation, the First Deputy Head of civil aviation department of Ministry of


20 Jun 2016

All teams of the city, number of which amounts to more than 100, took part in the competitions. The team of “Almaty International Airport” SKA took the honourable second place, thereby


17 Jun 2016

Smagulov Abu Smagulovich – senior specialist of Kazakh Civil Aviation Authority, Deputy commander of the flight detachment of Almaty aviation enterprise, head of “International


09 Jun 2016

This event was attended by all services of the airport of Almaty, which rend services to passengers, by public associations, by representatives of the party "Nur Otan", by the aviation


07 Jun 2016

Abdramanov Yermek Sansyzbayevich is the academician of the International Academy of transport of Russia, Professor of the Academy of civil aviation, еңбек сіңірген авиация


06 Jun 2016

Today the first line of examination is introduced. At the moment there is an additional examination of all citizens entering the passenger terminal of the airport. Due to enhanced security measures,


03 Jun 2016

National symbols of the Republic of


01 Jun 2016

On the eve of International Children's Day, which is celebrating every year on June 01


23 May 2016

Airport of Almaty constantly provides assistance and pays attention. All the holidays and events are always held for our veterans. We begin a cycle of stories about our veterans who have


20 May 2016

There were explained the land reforms and answered all the interesting questions of the all in attendance, namely the voters, the members of the airport's primary party, employees of "Air


19 May 2016

For the convenience of passengers and guests of the southern capital the international airport of Almaty in conjunction with the Department of tourism of Almaty city and starts


18 May 2016

From the 30th of April in "Almaty International Airport" JSC has begun to operate the new FIDS system designed for visual informing of passengers about the execution of the flight plan and


17 May 2016

So today, on May 17, more than 10 liters of blood have been handed over to City blood center for charity support to Atygayeva Gulnar, who has won the nomination “The best mentor for the working


17 May 2016

Kanat Islam – bronze prize-winner of the Olympic games of 2008, the captain of the team “Astana Arlans”, Honoured Master of Sports of the Republic of


16 May 2016

According to ICAO requirements regarding aviation safety management system, “Almaty International Airport” JSC updates custom vehicles fleet. The latest acquisition is a tanker of


09 May 2016

Day of the Great


06 May 2016

On the 6th of May, the eve of the celebration of the 71 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the management of “Almaty International Airport” JSC organized festive


06 May 2016

Almaty International Airport” JSC congratulates all people of Kazakhstan on the 7th of May - Defenders of the Fatherland


04 May 2016

On the 30th of April, 2016 there was held  a football tournament, dedicated to the bright memory of Sharbanu Murzageldiyevna (Deputy Chairman of the Council of People's Deputies’


01 May 2016

"Almaty International Airport" JSC congratulates all people of Kazakhstan on the Unity Day of peoples of


28 Apr 2016

Employees of all services of Almaty International Airport, together with representative of air company, head of sanitary-quarantine control department and representatives of other organizations


21 Apr 2016

Cargo aircraft unloading process in Almaty International


19 Apr 2016

Recently the Asian qualification table tennis tournament in Hong Kong has completed, in which Kirill has worthily won and received the license for participation in the Olympic Games in Rio de


18 Apr 2016

User guide of Parkomat (Automated Parking System) in Almaty International


17 Apr 2016

Service of fire fighting and emergency rescue support of flights of “Almaty International Airport” JSC has a modern rescue and fire-fighting equipment corresponding to the ICAO


16 Apr 2016

In spite of the fact, that cleaning of the territory is carried out daily, the staff of all services of the airport has cleared the lawn of garbage, also made cleaning in the terminal and the


12 Apr 2016

On this day Yuri Gagarin made his first orbital flyby around the Earth on the spaceship "Vostok" which lasted 108 minutes, and the start was given from the Baikonur Cosmodrome which is


09 Apr 2016

Aviation Security Service of Almaty International Airport JSC has successfully passed audit on security of Asiana Airlines air company (South Korea), which has completed on April 07 of the current


07 Apr 2016

The process of tree planting was headed personally by the President of Almaty International Airport JSC A. A. Bekmukhambetov, and the Management and staff of the airport took part in it. Almaty


06 Apr 2016

Within the framework of program “Improving service quality”, “Almaty International Airport” JSC has bought 2 new fuel trucks of famous German company Kar Kunz Aviation


01 Apr 2016

"Almaty International Airport" JSC congratulates its partner airline "Qazaq Air" with the first birthday! Photo by: Maxim Morozov (Kazakhstan spotting


01 Apr 2016

During registration via kiosk, the passenger can choose a seat in the cabin and print boarding


01 Apr 2016

On this day in 1919 the first aircraft landed in the city of Verny (former name of Almaty) following a flight Samara-Orenburg-Aktobe-Verny. A military pilot and our fellow countryman -


28 Mar 2016

“Almaty International Airport” JSC together with the State Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after Lermontov held a Flashmob dedicated to the International Theatre Day. Passengers were


25 Mar 2016

"Almaty International Airport" JSC expresses deep condolences to all the families of the victims in connection with acts of terrorism in the city of Brussels and wishes for a speedy


21 Mar 2016

Bekmukhambetov Aibol Anuarovich, President of "Almaty International Airport" JSC won a convincing victory on early elections in Almaty city maslikhat on the electoral district №34 of


19 Mar 2016


18 Mar 2016


17 Mar 2016


17 Mar 2016

“Almaty International Airport” JSC services on assisting passengers with disabilities are available around the clock.


17 Mar 2016


16 Mar 2016

Today, on the 16th March of 2016 at Almaty International Airport was held a Flashmob in support of the elections to Mazhilis and Maslikhat. Students of Academy of civil aviation, medical college


10 Mar 2016

On the 10th of March in the VIP lounge of passenger terminal there was held a Press conference devoted for the first flight of "SCAT" Airline JSC on the route Almaty-Xian (Republic of


10 Mar 2016

Xian has more than 3000 years history and is one of the main hubs of China.  "SCAT" Airline JSC performed its first regular flight from Almaty to Kzyl-Orda on the airplane An-24 in


09 Mar 2016

Magzhan Sagimbayev – who conquered the peak Aconcagua (6 962 м) - the highest peak of Southern


08 Mar 2016

Let every day make you glad with attention and care of your relatives, that the life would be full with new impressions, only positive emotions and bright discoveries! Wish you happiness, joy,


07 Mar 2016

On the 7th of March of 2016 famous Kazakhstan’s mountain-climber Maksut Zhumayev and head of Kazakh Geographical Community Magzhan Sagimbayev, who conquered Argentine seven-kilometer peak


07 Mar 2016

On the 7th of March of 2016 on the eve of International Women’s Day in Culture House of the Airport the management and the president of “Almaty International Airport” JSC


03 Mar 2016

Today, on the 3rd of March of 2016 in Culture Centre of Almaty International Airport JSC was held the meeting with voters of the district No. 34 on campaigning of an election program of the candidate


01 Mar 2016

First of all, it is the day of peace and reconciliation, due to which Kazakhstan is in the reign of mutual confidence and respect among


23 Feb 2016

On the 24th of February, AEX.RU -  The Plimsoll Publishing Limited is a leader on making industry reports, evaluated “Almaty International Airport” JSC activity and rated it as


23 Feb 2016

New aircraft is one of trial models of Bombardier CS100


22 Feb 2016

One working day in Almaty International


22 Feb 2016

Dear passengers! In case of loss of your luggage, you should apply to “Lost and found” of Almaty International Airport on phone: .:+7 (727) 270-31-04 or +7 (727) 270-30-93


20 Feb 2016

During the visit, the purpose of which was verification of preparedness of Almaty Airport for receiving the Universiade 2017, the delegation got acquainted with capacity of passenger terminal,


19 Feb 2016

Treatment of Airplane with anti-icing fluid in the airport of


15 Feb 2016

Today, at 7:20 am at Almaty International Airport has arrived the national team of Kazakhstan on Minifootball. The team, which entered the top ten best teams in the world, was greeted with


12 Feb 2016

The solemn meeting was attended by the management of “Almaty International Airport” JSC, the staff and young employees. Kind words, pleasant memories and gifts have created a warm and


10 Feb 2016

Almaty International Airport is famous not only for its labor victories, but also sporting achievements. The President of “Almaty International Airport” JSC Bekmukhambetov


09 Feb 2016

The newly introduced infrastructure differs by its noiselessness, smoothness and safety. It should be noted that such escalators have been already working on the right side of the passenger terminal


05 Feb 2016

One of the innovations for the convenience of passengers and economy of the time is that we have introduced automated system on reading of information from boarding


04 Feb 2016

For convenient and rapid providing of information, there is the official mobile app “Alaport”, which contains information on departures / arrivals, delays or cancellation of flights.


26 Jan 2016

From January 13, 2016 in conjunction with the company “CityTaxi” was organized the taxi rank near the terminal for domestic flights. This project is implemented together with the Akimat


26 Jan 2016

The handling of aircraft


12 Jan 2016

Today at 06.15 a.m. by the flight AK TK from Istanbul have arrived the racers of Kazakhstan who took part in the rally-marathon Africa Eco Race-2016. Not without purpose in the VIP arrival lounge


12 Jan 2016

According to the instruction of the authorized body, the first line of inspection intended for control of safety at the entrance to the passenger terminal is


11 Jan 2016

In the passenger terminal is carrying out the replacement of old passenger escalators with new ones, productions of the FUGI Company (People's Republic of China). At the moment, the


06 Jan 2016

The labor Union of “Almaty International Airport” JSC constantly pays attention to children of its employees. More than 3000 children of employees of Almaty International Airport received


05 Jan 2016

By the decision of the sole shareholder of “Almaty International Airport” JSC Venus Airport Investments BV, the structure of the  board of directors of “Almaty International


31 Dec 2015

Let the 2016 will become the year of new achievements, prosperity, and the year of implemented plans, met expectations and new discoveries! We sincerely wish you and your family good health,


30 Dec 2015

I heartily congratulate you on the coming New Year! The New Year is a special holiday: it gives hope for luck and happiness, brings joy of new beginnings. The past year was full of important events


24 Dec 2015

In connection with the emergence of information about the frequent cases of theft of personal belongings of the passengers' luggage, the reporter Gulzhan Kaliyeva and the film crew of TV channel


24 Dec 2015

The work of the Aviation Security Service of the airport of Almaty is aimed at ensuring the safety of passengers. The Aviation Security Service of Almaty International Airport constantly conducts


23 Dec 2015

From the 29th of November to 19th of December at the sports complex of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi passed the Cup of Almaty - 2015 on Futsal. For the tournament were


21 Dec 2015

"Almaty International Airport" JSC congratulates its partner Etihad Airways with the award "Airline of the year 2016", expresses its respect and gratitude for the


21 Dec 2015

“Almaty International Airport” JSC congratulates all the residents and guests of the southern capital with the wonderful day - the “Day of the First President.” On the eve


21 Dec 2015

Today, in Almaty airport at 08:30 p. m. the flight from Urumqi arrived Regina Vandysheva, who represented Kazakhstan at the contest “Miss World 2015”. The contestant from Kazakhstan


18 Dec 2015

On December 17, 1903 took place the first-ever successful flight by plane “Flyer-1” - which invented the Wright brothers and which stayed in the air 12 seconds, having overcome the


15 Dec 2015

On the 15th of December Airport of Almaty together with the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.Zhurgenev held a festive event, where were performed the works of Kazakh folk music. Almaty


14 Dec 2015

The heavenly giant made technical landing on the way to China. By the way, the plane unique in its kind serves as a certain indicator of readiness of the airport for reception and service of this


09 Dec 2015

We are glad to offer our clients rest options in all possible directions of the world. The convenient location of sales outlets in the city centre and directly at the terminal of the airport of


09 Dec 2015

Dear colleagues, dear friends! “Almaty International Airport" JSC congratulates with the International Civil Aviation Day. International Civil Aviation Day is celebrated every year


30 Nov 2015

New service of Agency “Almaty International Airport” JSC Sale of train e-tickets of the company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” News and promo actions of


20 Nov 2015

Last week   JSC  “Almaty International Airport” replenished the fleet of specialized equipment with 3 modern tractor units of the Brand MAN under the program on the


20 Nov 2015

Almaty Airport introduces additional control at the passenger terminal entrance until further notice due to the terrorist acts taking place in France. Please plan in advance your arrival at the


11 Nov 2015

On 11th November in the Culture Centre of  JSC  “Almaty International Airport” was held a meeting of the Interdepartmental Airport Commission on aviation security with the


10 Nov 2015

On 10th of November 2015, at the Almaty airport was held a solemn meeting of the Hero of Kazakhstan, test pilot and astronaut, Colonel of the Air Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr.


06 Nov 2015

November 3, 2015 year in “Almaty International Airport” JSC took place an unusual action called ‘Apple mood’. Employees of “Almaty International Airport” JSC


05 Nov 2015

On 5th of November 2015 the Aviation Transport Prosecutor of Almaty city, Mr. D.E. Serikbayev held a meeting with the participation of the heads of internal affairs agencies and state revenue


03 Nov 2015

22 October 2015 the delegation of International Airport of Almaty visited South Korea. During a business trip to Incheon International Airport in Seoul, it was organized a meeting with the partners


30 Sep 2015

The Labor Day in JSC “Almaty International Airport” As part of the idea of "20 Steps to a society of universal labor", by the initiative of President of republic of


01 Sep 2015

“Almaty International Airport” JSC is the most prospectively developing airport in Сentral Asia and the largest airport in Kazakhstan, which occupies a leading place in the number of


24 Aug 2015

19.08.2015, at 10.00 am in the House of Culture was held a meeting of the labor collective of “Almaty International Airport” JSC, which included discussion of the Plan of the Nation -


14 Aug 2015

August 1, 2015 in Almaty was held V Almaty Charity Football Tournament, organized by the Corporate Foundation «International Charity Foundation “Altyn Kyran”» together with


04 Aug 2015

On the first Sunday of August in the Republic of Kazakhstan celebrates the Day of transport workers, established by the Law Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 13, 2001, No 267-II on the Holidays


31 Jul 2015

The transport sector takes an important place in social and economic life of our country. Today it is almost impossible to imagine life without transport services, any type of society functioning


20 Jul 2015

"Almaty international Airport" JSC completes the reconstruction of the checkpoint “Severny”.  In recent times, the staffs of the airport, the airlines and third-party


15 Jul 2015

For the execution of the program "Improvement of the quality of service of passengers, cargo and baggage", “Almaty International Airport” JSC has made the purchase of modern


03 Jul 2015

Astana – is a symbol of the independence and sovereignty of the country, a symbol of the political and economic success of our young state! For these years, our capital has become the


06 May 2015

The 9th of May is one of the main holidays of our country, the most touching, the most tragic, is a symbol of military glory and valor of heroes. Today, we celebrate the anniversary - 70 years


05 May 2015

Hotel «Aksunkar» in the territory of the airport, near the passenger terminal is perfect for travelers, business travelers, transit passengers and air crew who often make in Almaty


28 Apr 2015

Our Kazakhstan is multinational state where live the representatives of more than 120 nationalities, who practice different religions, have their national features. Residents of the country


08 Apr 2015

On April 6 of this year at 11.00 in the House of culture of Almaty International Airport JSC was held a meeting of Trustees of Kozhagapanov Tokhtarkhan Zhumanovich, Ospanov Bolat Musagazhinovich,


20 Mar 2015

Head coach of Kazakhstan Alibek Mazhikenov told about the preparations for the world Cup. The Kazakhstan team is ready for the World Cup. Photo by Nikolai Kolesnikov. Head coach


16 Mar 2015

Dear People Of Kazakhstan! Nauryz is the holiday of celebration of life and faith, the day of the vernal equinox which symbolizes the onset of heat. Along with hopes that brings spring, Nauryz


06 Mar 2015

The 8th of March is the holiday of love and admiration for the women, the most beautiful creatures on earth. Take the most gentle, warm words of congratulations with the first spring holiday -


27 Feb 2015

Thanks to the Almaty airport IT infrastructure development, we are glad to report that additional flight information appeared in the online scoreboard on our official website. Now you will be able


30 Jan 2015

    On 29.01.2015 in “Almaty International Airport” JSC was held the field meeting of the Commission under the chairmanship of Akim's Deputy of Almaty city Y. Ilyin, with


29 Dec 2014



15 Dec 2014

The Independence day is celebrated all over the world as one of the most important national holiday, symbolizing the basis of statehood and a core set of the social values, around of which the


28 Nov 2014

Almaty International Airport JSC sincerely congratulates the staff and all the people of Kazakhstan with the national holiday - the Day of the First President! During the years of Independence


17 Nov 2014

On 30 November to 4 December 2014 inTashkent (Uzbekistan) will be held an international Tournament. For participation in this tournament in the National futsal-team of Kazakhstan was


13 Nov 2014

The staff ofJSC "Almaty International Airport" is famous not only forlabor victories, but also for its sports traditions. The close attention is paid to the development of sports


31 Oct 2014

On October 30, 2014 JSC “Almaty International Airport” held the training of airport staff and other related organizations and agencies of Almaty in order to organize and conduct emergency


06 Oct 2014

October 3, 2014 at 10:00 am at the stadium SRC "Mercury Medet" was held a football tournament among team organizations. The football team of Administration JCS "IAA" has won


01 Oct 2014

On the night ofSeptember 26, 2014JSC "IAA" metvisitors from abroad. In the same day’s evening, at the Central Stadiumof Almatyin honor of the 60thanniversary ofFCKairat was played an


18 Sep 2014

On September 16, 2014 first flight of Flydubai was greeted in Almaty International Airport with the traditional salute of water cannons. This event marked the launch of flights from UAE to


11 Aug 2014

On 2 of August 2014 in the park named after Saken Seifullin the celebration day of transport was held.  The head of the Turksib region mr. Ustugov Vladimir solemnly opened the event and


31 Jul 2014

In Astana the second national mini-football championship has been completed in Astana Arena stadium. 12 teams which were divided into three groups met in the group stage. The group winners and


04 Jul 2014

Almaty International Airport JSC sincerely wishes its employees and all Kazakhstan residents a happy national holiday – the Birthday of the Capital! Astana is a symbol of an independent,


30 Jun 2014

On June 28, 2014, the staff of Almaty International Airport JSC organized a mini-football tournament for the Cup of the President of Almaty International Airport JSC at the stadium of Kairat,


26 May 2014

On May 22, 2014 Almaty International Airport JSC held the trainingexercises for employeesof the airportand other organizationsand agencies in order to organize and conductemergencypreventive


14 May 2014

Serious attention is paid to the development of sports culture in Almaty International Airport JSC. Once again, on May 7, 2014, the staff of Almaty International Airport JSC organized a


06 May 2014

Over 1.7 million of Kazakhstani people took part in the most terrible war in history. And let it's been 69 long years since then, NO ONE IS FORGOTTEN! NOTHING IS FORGOTTEN ! On May 6,


30 Apr 2014

Almaty International Airport JSC sincerely wishes all industry employees and Kazakhstan residents a Happy National Holiday – a Day of Kazakhstan people’s unity. It symbolizes


21 Mar 2014

Today, March 21, 2014, Almaty International Airport JSC has celebrated a national holiday Nauryz in the S.Seifullin park. The Nauryz holiday is one of the oldest holidays in the world.


07 Mar 2014

Our Dear Ladies! The male employees of Almaty International Airport JSC would like to wish you a happy forthcoming Women's Day – the 8 of March!     Especially on this


14 Feb 2014

Today, on the 14th of February, there was an awarding of soldiers-internationalists in the meeting hall dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan,


23 Jan 2014

‘Measures on strengthening the security of objects of civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference at Almaty International Airport JSC’     Additional


08 Jan 2014

Serious attention is paid to the development of sports culture, and Almaty International Airport JSC tries not to miss any amateur sports tournament, whether it is a football or other sports. The


28 Dec 2013

The year 2013 has been very important for Almaty International Airport; it originated several key projects which allowed us to improve the service of passengers and airlines. We make every effort


27 Dec 2013

“Almaty International Airport” JSC is a winner of the city contest for the Best New Year Decoration


13 Dec 2013

Almaty International Airport JSC wishes all its employees and all Kazakhstan residents a Happy Independence Day of Kazakhstan! This day went down in history of our country as the beginning of


10 Dec 2013

Now the staying of transit passengers in the terminal will be more comfortable. On December 5, 2013 a new waiting room of transit passengers was opened in the passenger terminal building of Almaty


03 Oct 2013

On October 1, the whole world celebrates the Day of Older Persons. And Almaty International Airport JSC is not an exception. Traditionally, the airport administration organized a concert for old


19 Sep 2013

“On September 16, 2013, at 09:15 am after the take-off of the Aerotrack’s aircraft Х-237, a flight dispatcher received information that the rightlanding gear did not retract and lock


29 Aug 2013

Almaty International Airport JSC sincerely congratulates all employees ofthe aviation industry and people of Kazakhstan on thenational holidayConstitution Day of the Republic ofKazakhstan! The


09 Aug 2013

On August 3, 2013at 11.00am a solemnevent was held at S.Seifullin Park dedicated tothe 75th anniversary ofTurksib district with participation of Akhmetzhan Yessimov,Akimof Almaty city,


09 Aug 2013

I heartily congratulate you on the remarkable date – the 75th anniversary of the founding of the largest district in the Southern capital. The history of our district is very rich, and


06 Aug 2013

On July 29, the 1sttournament of the Kazakhstan Football Amateur League was held at Astana Arena stadium in Astana. Competitions were held for further development and promotion of amateur sports,


22 May 2013

Pursuant tothe program ‘Improvement of passenger, baggage, and cargo handling’the Almaty International Airport JSC completed its fleet with specialized equipment having acquired a


13 May 2013

On May 8, 2013 the management of JSC “Almaty International Airport”, pupils and teachers of school №44 and Turksib district mayor’s office have organized a festive meeting to


13 May 2013

On May 7, 2013 the personnel of JSC “Almaty International Airport” has organized a mini football tournament between the departments of the airport at the “Aviator”


26 Apr 2013

On April 25, 2013 at 18.45 police department and information centre of the Almaty airport received an anonymous call from a man with the information that a man with an explosive inside of a blue bag


01 Apr 2013

Lufthansa Consulting master plan project successfully completed Following intensive and fruitful joint team work, Almaty International Airport and Lufthansa Consulting recently finalized their


28 Dec 2012

It was a passenger departed with the BEK Air’s flight Z9 100 to Astana. The lucky passenger was Zharkynbekov Tasbulat.      In 2010, Almaty International Airport


05 Dec 2012

The category IIIB was applied December 03, 08:40 pm to December 04, 04:03 am at Almaty International Airport due to weather conditions. Thanks to this category of the runway and aerodrome


27 Nov 2012

Dear residents and guests of the Southern capital,  For your convenience the management of Almaty International Airport JSC arranged an entrance for buses #79 to the territory in front of


09 Oct 2012

On October 1, the whole world celebrates the International Day of Older Persons. And Almaty International Airport JSC is not an exception. Traditionally, the airport administration organized a


25 Sep 2012

As part of the program ‘Improvement of passenger, baggage, and cargo handling’ the Almaty International Airport JSC purchased new special equipments. In September this year,


20 Sep 2012

On September 16 citizens of the Southern capital celebrated the City Day. Residents of our Turksib district also participated in the celebration. The event was organized by Akimat of the district


08 Aug 2012

Almaty International Airport JSC sincerely wishes all employees of the industry a happy professional holiday – Day of transport and communication workers! On August 04, 2012, Akimat of


05 Jul 2012

On July 05, 2012, the staff of Almaty International Airport JSC organized a mini-football tournament at Aviator stadium between services and departments of Almaty airport. This event was dedicated to


30 May 2012

On May 28 of this year, there was a meeting between instructors of the workshop ‘Selected issues in aviation medicine’ and aviation medical team at Almaty airport’s culture



01 Feb 2019


During the survey at Almaty International Airport the passengers, first of all, foreign passengers, complained about the free Internet in the terminal very often - it was impossible to connect to WI-FI via SIM cards of foreign mobile operators.

Today this problem is solved. The service provider KazTransCom has completed the technical work and testing of the network, and now free Wi-Fi is available at the airport of Almaty on the territory of the terminal for everyone, regardless of the mobile operator.

For connection it is necessary to choose AIRPORT_Almaty network, enter the mobile phone number and connect to wi-Fi via the code from the received SMS. To re-connect (if you, for example, returned to the airport after a time), you need to "forget" the previously registered network and connect to it again according to the same scheme.

The survey of passengers on domestic and international departing flights of Almaty airport was launched a few months ago. It concerns all aspects related to their stay at the airport - from the cleanliness of the territory and toilets to the availability of a play area for children and the speed of service at the check-in, also, respondents are asked to assess the politeness and competence of the staff, to share their views on catering points, shops and exchange offices and the level of service in them. Analysis of the survey results allows us to resolve issues that will make your stay at Almaty airport comfortable and enjoyable quickly and efficiently.


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