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Article 86. Responsibility of a carrier to the passenger at cancellation or a delay of the flight

Paragraph 1 is introduced changes by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 132-V dated July 4, 2013 (see the old edition)

   1. At cancellation or a delay of the flight because of the carrier's fault or delay, cancellation of the flight due to late arrival of the aircraft, the change of the route of transportation, the carrier is obliged to organize for passengers in points of departure and intermediate points the following services:
   1) provision (in the presence) room of mother and the child to the passenger with the child under the age of seven years;
   2) two telephone calls, including international communication line, with a duration of no more than five minutes or two messages by email if the flight departure expectation more than two hours;
   3) providing with the soft drinks at flight departure expectation more than two hours;
   4) providing with hot meals at flight departure expectation more than four hours and further:
        - every six hours during the day;
        - every eight hours during the night;
   5) accommodation in the hotel, provided by the carrier, at expectation of the departure of the flight more than eight hours during the day and more than six hours during the night;
   6) delivery by transport provided by the carrier from the airport to the hotel and back in cases when the hotel is provided without collection of an additional fee.
   2. At cancellation or a delay of the flight because of the carrier's fault for a period of more than ten hours, the carrier is obliged at the passenger’s option:
   1) to provide transportation of the passenger by the next flight to the destination specified in the ticket with rendering of services in accordance with paragraph 1 of this article;
   2) to return to the passenger the full cost of the ticket.

At the delay of transportation of the passenger because of airline’s fault, the airline shall pay the passenger a penalty of 3% of the ticket price - Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 13, 2011 # 1522 "On approval of Rules of transportation of passengers, baggage and cargo on air transport"

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