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Air transportation is maintained in accordance with international standards. All airlines operating to Almaty, all passengers, their hand luggage and baggage transported separately are subject to a 100% safety clearance. The entire cargo, forwarded through the “EAT” commercial warehouse and all mail sending processed in the “air transportation” section of “Kazpochta” department, are also subject to security checks.

Transportation of dangerous cargos is carried out in accordance with technical instruction on the safe transportation of dangerous goods via air, approved by the ICAOCouncil.

Security control is implemented at specially equipped points. These points are rigged by modern technology meeting the requirements of international standards. Safety personnel are experienced in this area. Employees are periodically trained; with certificates of admittance confirming their knowledge.

Information on goods and materials that are prohibited to be transported via air cargos is transmitted on loudspeakers throughout the passenger halls.

In order to ensure the quality and culture of servicing passengers of both international and domestic flights, the company purchased and installed new equipment produced by the US company RAPISCAN:

  • x-ray television installments, which have conveyors located close to the ground simplify the examination of heavy and over-size luggage;
  • stationary metal detectors METOR-200 simplify the procedure of searching for metal goods as its light shows the exact location of metal in the passenger’s clothes.

All equipment is certified and safe for the personnel and passengers.


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