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The SECURE 1000 by Rapiscan Security Products is a highly reliable, hands-off people screening system (operating immediately after the turning on), which is safer and more cost-effective than a manual inspection. The contraband concealed on the person being screened is detected in a few seconds only. Unlike metal detectors, the SECURE 1000 detects small metal objects, including jewelleries, keys, coins, wires, and precious metals in solid, powder, and liquid forms. In addition to displaying the images of sizes and shapes of these objects on monitor, the SECURE 1000 also easily identifies traditional metal weapons, fire arms, and knives.

The explosives such as dynamite, С-4, ceramics, graphite fibers, plastic containers, plastic weapons, glass ampullas, and syringes are detected as well.

Even pre-packaged drugs, bundles of money, wooden objects are detected in three seconds, which makes the SECURE 1000 indisputably real choice for comprehensive automated screening.

Automated Screening

Quick results - An image is displayed on monitor in 3 seconds. Epidemiological Surveillance on air transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Color image- Highlighting of concealed contraband for easy detection. Data storage and transmission- Archivation for training and work.
Expanded detection - Metal and nonmetal objects are detected during one scanning process. Minimum work experience- Easy to learn and use.
Safe and reliable operation - It is approved for use by the South-East Regional Administration of Sanitary and Ease of installation- No state licenses, special shielding, or power requirements are required

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